On one hand, this economic breakdown is way to complex for single source culpability; on another, it was easy to predict as soon as: Capitalism can probably work usefully as a tool of a social democracy; but if it's going to require consumers, then it'll have to empower a lot of potential consumers with sufficiently distributed discretionary income. Reference the former blue and white collar middle class prior to Reagan.

Now that unfettered and unrestrained capital has gone completely global, it only gets worse for more people in more places.

As long as the value of life is measured at all by the stock price of corporations devoted to maximizing short term profits at the expense of everything else, the future is bleak indeed for civilization.

We can easily see the depraved degradation of civilization today,

Yes, you CAN blame capital itself; but even that is merely a symptom of humans sufficiently unevolved and without spiritual guidance.

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