Pertinent Mentabolism
(though some may call it IMpertinent)

...and when the Air Force runs out of jet fuel??

2004: a year to vote see the State of the State

Significant problems requiring immediate, intense, and persistent attention:

The Neocon Hothouse, "a cabal of right-wing radicals who now control the Republican Party, and, through the party, dominate all three branches of the federal government. Their policies are drawn from a narrow ideology that bears no relevant connections to history, tradition, or common sense."

The Apparat, "It's anti-democratic, anti-Constitutional, and is working to create a one-party America."

2003: A Year of Distortion for the American People: On December 13, the White House issued a document entitled "2003: A Year of Accomplishment for the American People." The document made various inaccurate and deceptive claims about the Administration's record over the last year. This report by the Center for American Progress seeks to correct those distortions, matching the White House's rhetoric with facts.
2001: "Retaliation is a trap. In a world that was supposed to have learnt that the rule of law comes above revenge, President Bush appears to be heading for the very disaster that Osama bin Laden has laid down for him."
--Robert Fisk, The Independent,  16 September 2001 .. [References]
I'll be honest with you. I like honesty, and believe it to be one of the more important virtues. That's one of the reasons I don't much care for George W. Bush. Neither did the majority of Americans during their year 2000 presidential election. I've assembled a Collection of Concerns and Commiserations to help process the disappointment he generates daily.

There are many, not disconnected, issues with the media.

He and they are not the only problem however. I've started rambling pages of notes on other issues; the drug war; bankruptcies; Corporatocracy; the Israeli Occupation; documentation of UNSCOM Inspectors leaving Iraq in 1998 (they were NOT thrown out as some would have you believe); and some notes on so-called Conspiracy Theories, and the Real State of the Union, 2003

There are conspicuous absences in this collection, not because they, such as the importance of media independence and diversity, are not deemed important or relevant; but because I the maintainer have limited time and energy for this project.

There is one patriotic hero among us however, Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia.
... and Journalist Bill Moyers.
... and Dennis Kucinich

and A 12-Step Program for Regime Change at home.

None of this is really prepared for, or ready for, public presentation, but it's here anyway. So is this cartoon